Bug Tracking

Track bugs, features & defect iterations & priority:
A major component of a bug tracking system is a database that records facts about known bugs. Thus Ganib has introduced a Bug Tracking form where you can make a record of the bugs and sort them according to the priority. These Bug Tracking forms can be also copied from the Project to your Business space.
Every bug information record is stored with a unique id in the database.
Also the Bug Tracking Form is visible to all the members in the project thus multiple testers can add the data in the form and more than one users can refer to the added data and fix the bugs.


Every project manager and team member knows there are a oodles of forms that are to be managed throughout the life cycle of a project. From the beginning scope statement to the final closing documents, forms are a significant part of effective project management. They act as a method to keep everyone involved, literally, on the same page.
Hence, Ganib introduces a module using which the project team can easily collect any kind of data using dynamic lists.


Ganib authorizes you to integrate a lot more components, which makes the project management easier altogether. Below things are integrated with Ganib:
1) MSP Plan Import and Export
2) Saving your plan as xls and csv
3) Importing and exporting the Lists to xml format
4) LDAP Integration
5) WYSIWYG Editor in creating Pages.


The overall status of the project is better understood when some graphical reports are thrown in. Using the optimized reports, you can keep a track of everything and make data driven decisions. Stunning reports with Ganib are constantly updated as your project proceeds.
The vast list of Reports Optimization provides you a glance at your Business’ development from different dimensions.

Email work

Emails are a very common and easy way of keeping you notified about every small activity taking place in your domain. Ganib integrates all the activities with your domain through email and keeps you up to date. The emails are integrated for:
1) Project Creation
2) New user Registration/Invite
3) Task creation, assignment, update and deleting.
4) Create, Edit or Delete Lists, Documents, Pages, etc.
5) Work progress of all the team mates.

Agile scrum

Spend less time managing and more time doing: It is relatively easier to manage your agile scrums through your project with the help of Iterations in Ganib.
Create an Iteration, apply it to a chunk of tasks in your Plan and you are done. The progress of Iterations can be displayed on your Project dashboard so you need not dig all the way up to the Iteration and see its progress.


Tracking time made much more easier with the help of Ganib’s in-built desktop time tracker gTrack. SImply download the tracker, log in and start tracking.
gTrack has been integrated with an email functionality, where when the user ends the day, a mail is automatically sent to the domain owner consisting of all the tracking details, Task names, Time spent on each task, total time spent in the day and so on..

Plan work

The easy-to-use interface takes no time to learn: Displays your work plan in a tabular form and provides you much more functions to be done on each task.
Ganib allows you to change the timezones for the plan. Also the Gantt charts and Timeline view gives you a more detailed view of your Plan.