Desktop time tracking app. Real-time reports.

These days, time seems to be at a premium. Ironically, tracking your working time is a time consuming task. The project members generally hate to enter their working hours manually because they just want to focus on their tasks. Sometimes they forget to record their working hours in the flow of work. How nice would it be if the task of tracking the time is automated? gTrack provides just that!



Tracking your time takes time. Sometimes it takes a lot of time. Your team hates the administrative overhead of logging their time.It’s not that you’re an authoritarian control freak, but you need to know.And it’s not that your team is sloppy, but all they really want to do is focus on doing their work.

Together Ganib and desktop client that runs on Windows, Linux, Mac etc provides aggregate reporting across your team members and projects.

When you use Ganib’s gTrack to track your time, you get the benefit of using a tool designed to help you get the most of your business, to understand:


  • Team member utilization


  • Real-time Work progress


  • Estimated completion of work


  • Billed or Unbilled time details


gTrack is Desktop application which is a part of Ganib and can be used to capture the Work hours, screenshots, count keyboard/mouse activity and update Ganib with the work progress in Real-Time, for making work fast, easy and efficient in co-located and distributed teams.

Its flexibility enables multifunctional teams to collaborate and get things done successfully in one place. Schedule, prioritize, discuss and track progress in real time.

gTrack calculates the working hours of employee for a particular task in the organization; so that organization exactly gets to know the individual contribution of each employee on a particular project.

Ganib’s powerful reporting gives you real-time access to keep your projects on time. Get the insight you need to estimate future projects, and ensure your business’s profitability.
Time Sheet:
All the hours tracked can can be easily managed with time sheets Summarized view  with Monthly view and Detailed view with Weekly view..

To keep the things in our control, time was introduced and to keep time in control, Timesheets, or as we commonly say Timetables, were introduced. Timesheet in general form are a structure prepared to schedule and keep the track of a set of activities across a certain amount of time.

Timesheet in project management context is a kind of spreadsheet which records the working times of all the employees which can be viewed in weekly, monthly, or daily views. It analyzes and processes employee attendance and calculates the time each employee has spent on each task.