Plan work

Easy to use interface takes no time to learn.



The process of ensuring that resources are realistically scheduled in your project plan is important in planning work. When you plan work for your resources, you may have to balance several factors. These include:

  • The amount of work a resource can do in a time period (e.g. Hours per day)


  • The sequence of tasks in the project as defined by dependencies


  • The skills required to perform particular tasks


  • The expected timeline for the project


  • The utilization rate for the resources.

Typically you will have to trade off some of these factors to arrive at the “best” schedule for your particular project. Ganib helps you achieve above essential aspects of planning a project.


Using the Plan feature, you can create a Work Breakdown Structure for your project to save it from being vast and unmanageable and also cover full scope of the project.

Plan allows you to create tasks and assign them to the users who are participating in that project. The Plan allows you to schedule the tasks and apply different constraints and scheduling methods to the tasks, so that they can be completed properly, without disturbing each other.

You can create tasks which are dependent on each other and provide various features to manage them.

In Plan, you can capture work for the resources that you have assigned to the tasks. Also you can keep a close watch on the users who are working on a particular task, so that you can know the progress of the task as well as the resource assigned.

There is a facility in Plan module using which you can group the tasks according to different parameters.

Plan module allows you to export created task details in excel format, so you also have it in a documented form.

For better understanding the progress of the project, you can view the tasks in a graphical manner using Gantt Charts.

A key component of an optimized plan, though, is that everything that is known is put into a plan that meets the overall project objectives, which means that this information needs to be put to use. Ganib has two simple functionalities that facilitate this: the Task Detail View and Resource Utilization views.- See more at: Utilization: Check before you assign