Keep track of everything, make data driven decisions.
Wouldn’t it be helpful to know what tasks are coming due this week, are at-risk of being behind schedule, are not assigned yet, or assigned to a certain team member? With Ganib’s reporting feature, you can discover this (and much more) information quickly across any of your sheets. Ideal for managers, team meetings, and any time you want a high level view of your work status.


Projects reports visually represents the project status, length of an activity and time spent on it. You can access how long a project will take to complete, determine the resources needed and prioritize the order in which tasks are to be carried out.Ganib Project Reports are easy-to-interpret, making them an ideal way of communicating latest project information to everyone.

Reports are a Graphical representation of the project.

A project report can be Tracked with the use of reports to determine where the project is, how is the Progress of the project going on, how much has each user Contributed to the project, what is the status of the tasks of the project, etc.

The reports in Ganib are Auto generated as your project progresses and the tasks, resources and working hours are captured.

Ganib uses different form of graphs to represent the project overview.They are:

  • Billed Hours
  • Burn Down Charts
  • Completion Charts
  • Work Charts
  • Resource total work done
  • Resource work cumulative


You can share a report with your team, save it as a PDF or Excel file, send as an attachment, and print in full color.

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