Easily collect any kind of data using dynamic lists.
Ganib online Lists are easy to create and customize. It’s the perfect tool to effortlessly collect any kind of information.

Lists are integrated with the work items, collaboration and time tracking.
That means you can immediately start tracking and collaborate, track and manage the data you collect.Benefits:

    • Easy to Create
      Simple, online form builder with drag-and-drop editing


    • Upload Any File
      Attach and upload files to any form submission


    • Customizable
      Personalize Lists with your text and colors


    • Secure
      Online Lists are built with enterprise level security


    • Multiple List filters
      Keep your data in one place with multiple filters per list


    • Work integration
      Link with milestones, iterations, project members, etc



Lists are one of the key tools provided by Ganib. Lists provide a means to capture and track data about a Project with much ease. Project Data may contain issues, defect reports, change requests, etc. which makes it easy to filter information for analyzing.
You can create custom lists using inbuilt facility given by Ganib. You can add different fields to the lists like text fields, text area, date field, checkbox, drop down list, currency field, and calculated field and so on. Lists help to make data entry easier, and are used in Ganib to gather data into a database.