Email work

Progress reports as email conversations.


Ganib works the way you work. We understand that email may be the primary way you communicate with your customer on a project. So we offer seamless integration with emails.

Never miss an important task or deadline with Ganib email notifications.The subscriptions can be set when the task is created or at any time.Ganib sends you a notification when team members finish tasks, allowing you to sync your own work or comment on team members’.

A project manager needs to keep track of the changes which are being made in the project by the team members.The manager cannot visit the member’s desk each time and ask if any changes are made to the project and if yes, what are they?

To overcome this disadvantage, Ganib allows the project manager to receive notifications for changes made in the project.

Also, if the manager gets notifications for every other small and minute change, the manager tends to ignore the notifications eventually. So to keep the track of the changes as well as not disturbing the manager again and again, Ganib allows the manager to receive the notifications which only he wants to see.


You can get email notifications as and when any one creates, edits or makes some changes in your project. You can easily subscribe for the notifications from any point of your project. Just click the subscribe icon available on every page.


You will get notifications for:

  • Comments or blog posts


  • New Discussion


  • Added or edited records


  • Added a project


  • People are invited to the project


  • New task assignments are carried out


  • Pages of the project are edited.