Agile scrum

Spend less time managing and more time doing.
Take the assets you’ve gathered for your project and attach them directly to work items, so your developers don’t have to hunt for them when they’re ready to turn those mockups into working software. Ganib iterations and milestone based project management give you the tools and methods your team can use to deliver projects faster.


A project is a fun thing for the users to use, but a big headache for the managers to manage. There are hundreds of things in a project which need to be taken care of specially with Agile Scrum methodology. In today’s world, where quality is given utmost importance, you cannot afford to deviate an inch from perfection. But paradox is that you also cannot manually handle large projects. Handling big projects manually is sheer waste of time and resources. For this, project management software is the solution! And that is what we are providing you. Ganib!

Ganib is project management software which takes care of all your scheduling and managing projects and subprojects, allowing you to utilize your time and resources up to the mark and be more and more productive.

Agile project management software your team adopt and use in long term.Whether your team is in the same room, across the hall or across the world, Ganib keeps everyone in sync with the latest changes.Not logged in? Ganib can keep you up to date through email. Get updates from members in your Ganib scrum chat, allowing your entire team to stay abreast of the project development activity.Blogs are web logs that are updated on a regular basis by their author. They can contain information related to a definite topic.

Blog’s give you an freedom to write content that is unique to you and your practice. You can think of it as an online journal or diary.Blog posts typically appear with the most recent blog post (or entry, post) first, just like a diary or journal. A blog typically focuses on a particular subject matter for clarity and focus.

A Pages module is a collection of related pages designed so that anyone who has access to them can contribute or modify the content. The Pages module consists of a main page which is viewed as soon as you open the Pages tab.

Generally, this is the first page which was created in the Pages module. Later on, you can navigate to other pages using the index feature, which displays a list of all the pages in front of you.



Using these pages, you can format your content using different formatting styles like bold, italics, etc. You can give bullets and numberings to the content. Also you have the privilege to use a simple markup language to create some content if needed.
Documents range from feasibility studies, resource plans, financial plans and project plans, to supplier contracts, post-implementation reviews, change request forms and project status reports.
The fact is, the manner in which project documents are managed by project leaders can either be the driving force behind a project’s success or the bottleneck that often places a project in despair resulting in its failure to meet its time line, budget and scope.


Ganib provides you a full-fledged user-friendly system, to Avoid this kind of Blunders happening with your project.
Communication in an organization can be Internal (communication within an organization) or External (communication within organization and those outside the organization).
Undertaking this simple concept of administering the important documentation, Ganib provides us the option of retaining the important documents in the project itself so that they don’t need to be handled.
This electronic document manager saves the project manager a lot of effort and reduces the wastage of time and stationary. In Ganib, you cannot only store the documents but can do many different operations on them to optimize the documents more and more.