Ganib 2.0

Top features those were prioritized by the customers have made its way into Ganib 2.0. Some highlighted features are: 1. Charts, Reports 2. New account dashboard 3. New project dashboard 4. Enhanced gTrack to track time on desktop 5. Resource utilization details for assigned users 6. Simpler project planning mode: Deadline driven plan 7. One-to-One […]

Collaboration Tool

It is not necessary that a software team may work in same workplace now a days. It may happen that all the team mates of a team hail from different parts of the globe. Thus a collaboration tool acts as a medium for effective communication between the team mates. Ganib here, provides you a better […]

Utilization: Check before you assign

Starting with Ganib 2.0 provides the ability to check the resource availability and allocation calendar. Problem: When you assign 5hrs/day work to Elizabeth on 3rd Oct 2013, how can you be sure that Elizabeth is available for 5hrs on 3rd Oct and she has not been already assigned some other work? Solution: Check the Elizabeth’s […]